Discover the training every horse deserves

Discover the training
every horse deserves

Mix a little magic into your training with our step-by-step videos, from groundwork to advanced dressage… and all the growing up in between!

Each program is a road map for you to follow step-by-step

Our training programs follow the development of 5 individual horses in ‘real-time’ as they overcome their individual weaknesses, through a combination of groundwork and dressage training. Each program is a true representation of their journey – they are learning, just like you!

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Help your horse become your dream partner!

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Meet the horses featured in our programs. Go on… give them a stroke on the nose!

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Our world class trainers are here to help you and your horse reach your goals.

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Have you ever heard of

'mirror neurons'?

The thing with live lessons is that you get so much information, you’ve often forgotten most of it by the next day.

But when you watch our videos, you you can go back to watch a certain part again. The idea with ‘mirror neurons’ is that your brain thinks you’re actually doing the movements. By watching, you’re learning by ‘imitation’. 

This method of observational learning is so effective that we find our clients learn more by watching our videos, than live lessons!

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Unlimited access to all features!

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Dressage Essentials

Fleur is not blessed with the ideal dressage conformation, and can get strong. We start with the basics, fine tuning our aids and developing ‘lightness’. Step-by-step we build up advanced movements, including flying changes, which were like a runaway steam train.

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