Meet Jenku

We all have our own idea of success, but at the core of our living spirit, we all share a passion for horses

Jenku Dietrichsen, founder of International Modern Horsemanship, is an extremely gifted trainer with a unique talent, combining classical dressage with a scoop of magic and buckets of entertainment.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Jenku specialises in innovative training techniques and his training clinics are highly popular worldwide.

Jenku's philosophy is to 'train the trainer'. He has a rare ability to explain dressage in 'plain English'.

Jenku approaches learning from a deep understanding on how horses and humans learn naturally. He specializes in positive reinforcement, learning theory, ground skills, and riding skills as well as natural collection, and trains riders and horses in all disciplines. Jenku’s positive attitude towards life and his passion for learning has inspired many ‘ordinary’ riders to accomplish extraordinary results with their horses.

'It is my quest to find a better, kinder way to train, and share it with others - for the good of the horse.' 

Lunge & Liberty

If you’re new to Jenku’s method, this is the best place to start – you and your horse are in for a treat! This program is much more beneficial than ‘conventional’ lungeing, as it combines ground work, lunge and liberty training. You will quickly see a huge improvement in your horse’s lightness, suppleness & engagement. The connection you will develop with your horse is truly magical.


This is where it gets really exciting! Learn how to train dressage movements, such as shoulder-in, half pass, piaffe & Spanish walk. In this program you will learn how to ‘build in buttons’ on the ground so that your horse knows the answer, before you ask the question under saddle – makes sense? Be warned, this training program is highly addictive – once you start you will be hooked!


Trying to train a SPOOKY horse can be tricky – and scary. The good news is once you understand what your horse is thinking, you can you can control the way they react. You’ll end up with a horse that feels in control of their environment – rather than a victim. From extreme reactions, to more subtle signs of tension, this program is for you.

Dressage Essentials

If you can ride basic trot and canter, this program will inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and freshen up your training. Learn how to break down movements such as flying changes, canter pirouettes, and piaffe into basic steps which everyone can follow. You owe it to yourself to try things you only ever dreamed of – you will be amazed at what you can achieve. By the end of this training program, you and your horse will have more moves than Jagger!

Why learn with Jenku?

Jenku specialises in innovative training techniques and his training clinics are highly popular worldwide.

Worldwide training experience across the globe
Specialises in helping horses overcome weaknesses
Deep understanding of both horse & human learning
Highly engaging and fun to watch!

Train from the Ground-Up!

Everything we do is explained from the ground first, which makes training simple and fun for both you and your horse. From In-Hand work to Lunge & Liberty, and everything in between, we can help you and your horse progress and develop a beautiful partnership.

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