Meet Tracy & Raffles

'Wow! Why has no-one ever taught me this before?'

This is the question I get asked most often by my clients!

British Dressage coach, Tracy Fall, has a unique ability to teach riders all the ‘golden nuggets’ they need to learn, that are often misunderstood – or missed out completely!

Tracy has produced many successful young horses all the way up to Grand Prix level, and proudly holds multiple British Dressage Regional & National Titles. Renowned for producing consistent high scores, she is one of few riders to have scored a perfect 10 in British Dressage.

My aim is to give riders a road map to follow, step-by-step, right from the beginning.

Tracy shares her training system, starting right at the beginning with young Raffles, who we first meet as an unbacked 3 year old. The programs follow his real-life journey up the dressage levels. Along the way, Tracy demonstrates exercises using inventive visual aids such as traffic cones, bicycles, even a wheelbarrow, to help you understand and get the right ‘feeling’ with your horse at home.

‘I believe the earlier we can start to develop our own sensitivity and feeling as a rider - the better. In the beginning you will get it, and lose it again… but you will soon recognise that feeling of harmony - it’s like magic!'

Novice / First Level

Raffles is now 5 years old, and developing beautifully! Follow our training and learn how to build up medium paces and get that ‘magical feeling’ when your horse is truly connected and swinging along. Each season features a test analysis so you can see Raffles real-life progression and the secret to gaining those all important marks at a competition!

Prelim / Training Level

Raffles is now 4 years old, and working towards his debut prelim test. This program reveals all the ‘golden nuggets’ of training you need to succeed, from warming-up with beautifully balanced transitions, to achieving bend and suppleness through your horse’s whole body. Finally put all your training to the test and learn how to prepare for your first competition.

Young Horse Backing

This is the start of your horse’s ridden career – it is important to get it right from the beginning! Learn how to safely back your horse, from their first wobbly steps under saddle, to finally working in beautiful in harmony with the rider, in all 3 paces.

Young Horse Groundwork

3 year old, Raffles has just arrived and is ready to start his education – from scratch! This program combining, groundwork, lunge and liberty, will teach you how to build a solid foundation so that your horse feels confident, relaxed and prepared for backing.

Why learn with Tracy?

Tracy’s passion is to bring out the best in your horse and help you achieve your goals.

30+ years experience producing young horses to grand prix level
highly respected Qualified british dressage CoacH
Multiple british dressage Regional & National Titles
available for individual online coaching via 'my dressage coach

Train from the Ground-Up!

Everything we do is explained from the ground first, which makes training simple and fun for both you and your horse. From In-Hand work to Lunge & Liberty, and everything in between, we can help you and your horse progress and develop a beautiful partnership.

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